Monday, 15 August 2011

Greenwich boat deaths

Very sad news on the river over the past couple of weeks and both happened locally. First there was the tragic death on the Woolwich Ferry which is closed today as a mark of respect for the boy who died over a week ago, then the tug boat disaster at Greenwich over the weekend. I always assume that if I somehow fell in the Thames (I'm not sure what I would be doing for this to happen) that I would be OK, it looks quite tame and that land isn't far off on either side. Shows what I know.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The shame of it all...

Sad to see that the rioting and looting didn't escape SE18. I suppose given the amount of JD sports, mobile phone shops and fried chicken shops on the high street it was only a matter of time before Woolwich was looted...I don't suppose they were all in Clarks looking for school shoes for their children.....
As much as I am no fan of Woolwich town centre it was beginning to be regenerated and now it just looks even more like a shit hole. Plus people have lost their businesses, livelihoods and possessions. It is more than a shame, it is shameful. I hope anyone out looting and rioting is prosecuted and loses their jobs or benefits.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Blackheath Festival

Has got the go ahead. It was on the news over the weekend and from a quick google looks like there has been lots of issues mainly from the Blackheath Society who all look frightfully self important if their tirades are anything to go by.
Anyway it should be happening next summer. I assume not at the same time as the Olympics or that is going to be interesting traffic wise but I am looking forward to seeing who is in their line up.
The Greenwich Summer Sessions always seem to be well balanced and well attended, and this will add some more musical variety to the area. Glo-sticks at the ready! ahem..

Monday, 25 July 2011

Woolwich Library

Has reopened in a shiny new building. It's a bit like the Eltham Centre - minus the swimming pool and gym - but hopefully a sign of all the regeneration yet to come in Woolwich.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Wet weekend

What a miserable weekend. I struggled to think of much to do that was different from the usual swim/indoor playpark that usually takes place when it tips it down.
What activities do people get up to with their children when it rains? I couldn't face heading into London on the train to a Museum as we didn't quite have a whole day. Instead we ended up having a walk in the rain and hot chocolate at the cafe.
What does everyone else do to entertain their offspring in the wet?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Train Station

I see the improvements at Plumstead station cost £50,000....Why yes it does look smarter but apart from the addition of a wheelchair ramp I can't really see that it has added any benefit.
Plus what use is a wheelchair ramp when there are still only stairs down to the actual platforms?
There was plenty of space for a retail outlet to have been built alongside the ticket office but so far this seems to be just a disused space..

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


It's like an episode of shameless round the Shire at the moment. What with the lovely reader comments that seem to speak for themselves and the woman over the road rambling around in her bloody dressing gown at all hours of the day....Why do people dress so badly and middle aged women dress for bed like young children? There is no excuse for wearing cartoon characters on your nightdress when you are over the age of 10.